BurningMan Style
Tips and packing lists to help you get ready for the Playa

Photo: Zack Sheppard
Here is my verbatim personal packing list for Burning Man 2008. I casually loaded up my car (a small four-dour sedan) and camped out by myself (great experience) with some essentials in my tent and the rest stored in my adjacent car. Your mileage may vary (especially if you are female), but this is a good starting point for creating your own master packing list:
books & papers folder with notes my ticket diary journal Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Wherever You Go, There You Are car: bike rack, cords bike bike: blinkers EL wire bizcard w/ camp location in blue bag U-Lock (keys in daypack) food: dried fruit oranges chocolate jerky Gatorade Rain, Doubleshots coconut juice Clif bars supplies: aluminum foil (for bike) lots of ziplocs (various sizes) garbage bags (various sizes) paper towels baby wipes gbg bags: 4gal and 13gal twisty ties for gbg bags glownecklaces paper towels daypack: glowstick (in glasses case?) business card/tag: name and *camp location* water bottle slinky dust mask old dust mask bandanas piton sun hat notebook & pen earplugs headlamp flashlight tissues baby wipes moist towel in ziploc for washing face/eyes small gbg bag sunblock solar radio + headphones lip balm condoms, lube powerbars, dried fruit goggles sunglasses in case glasses wipe cloth eyedrops flashlight red knife camping toilet paper led/whistle/compass thingy hand sanitizer (Purell) nasal spray thermos (instead of cup?) Clif bar(s) glowstuff longsleeve shirt (undershirt?) cash business cards breathe mints/gum car keys tiny toothpaste nose spray nailclippers watch kitchen (breakfast pack): plate fork & spoon camp: hammer tent + bottom air mattress, inflater pillow, pillowcase (firm) sleeping bag rebar rebar covers(?) chairs x2 water jugs x2 tent light/fan milk crate extra blanket drop cloth mallet 'emergency' bucket equipment: wrench multi screwdriver hammer BBQ lighter work gloves duct tape regular tape(?) twine scissors (the tough orange ones) WD40 sewing kit reflective tape extra batteries: D, AA, AAA tent light/fan? mattress pump: Dx4 EL wire: AAx2 bike lights? headlamp? flashlight? toiletries/cleaning: peppermint soap vinegar heavy-duty sunblock cologne (Old Spice?) first aid kit moleskin vaseline misc. pills/medication bandages more tissues mirror towel more earplugs mister aloe toothbrush, toothpaste, bowl Qtips, vitamins shaving stuff: blade, brush, soap, washcloth lotion clothes/costume: bike key on cord hiking boots w/ pads pants, shorts tan socks x3, hiking socks x2 underwear x7 necklaces, belts wig leather jacket red scarf baseball cap ski cap gloves for warmth keep in car: cooler with food change of clothes for trip home umbrella kite: kite spool sample knot utility gloves